In the final blog of a three part series we take a look at the beauty of smart storage solutions. Your kitchen is a highly functional area which means you need to make the most of all available space . From ground level to head height and everything in between, think sensibly about where you put things. Think about how they can be most suitably accessed to eliminate strain, discomfort, and unnecessary accidents.

Understanding part 1 and 2 of this series allows us to flow into part 3 very nicely. Smart storage solutions are a result of an intelligently and ergonomically designed kitchen. Understand the importance of all 3 and how they contribute to your ideal kitchen layout.

If you have not read our first two blogs of this series, you can find them below. Otherwise, read on for storage considerations in general, for food, and pot and pan storage.

Part 1: Common kitchen layouts for different spaces

Part 2: Getting the ergonomics right

A kitchen featuring Smart Storage solutions, including drawers under stove top, overhead cabinetry and corner cupboard moveable shelving.


Your storage solutions are what keeps food fresh, help you work more efficiently and comfortably, and can make or break your interior design. Here are some clever storage ideas that’ll make sure your trendy new kitchen looks fantastic and functions like a dream.   

A tall pantry stacker with Hettich's InnoTech Atira drawers in silver, with woodern Design Sides and internal fronts. The best access to all your pantry items.

Swap cupboards for full extension drawers

Instead of bending and reaching for the back of shelves, full extension drawers give you a clear view from front to back. Deep drawers like this can also make easy work of handling heavy and bulky items.

An example of a pantry and shelving unit with lighter items stored higher up, a smart and ergonomic storage solution

Avoid awkward manoeuvring with stacked pull-out drawers.

Heavy and bulky items are best stored below worksurfaces. Wall units are ideal for lighter items you’d prefer to browse at head height, such as glassware. You can also enjoy an unobstructed view of the contents by using sliding or pull-up doors.

Stacked wide drawers for storing bulky, heavy items underneath the benchtop

Use easy access wall units for lighter items.

Heavy and bulky items are best stored below worksurfaces. Wall units are ideal for lighter items you’d prefer to browse at head height, such as glassware. You can also enjoy an unobstructed view of the contents by using sliding or pull-up doors.

A corner carousel in white in a tricky corner cupboard. These are rotating internal shelvers for super easy access

Corner carousels for restrictive tight spots.

For efficient use of space in hard-to-access corner units, you can easily see and access items by installing rotating internal shelves.

A range of interior organisation for drawers featured in an anthracite AvanTech YOU drawer. A smart storage solution.

Be organised with innovative internal fittings.

Hettich offers a range of customisable internal storage solutions to keep items well organised. Save yourself the time and stress of looking for things.

Food Storage

Use all your space and keep a clear view, so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Food storage can always be a limitation in a busy kitchen. Focusing on maximising your food storage space can really help keep things fresh and lasting longer.

Here are a few ways we can help with some of the common food storage issues people face:

A Cargo IQ containing oils and seasoning

Secure awkwardly shaped products with the customisable pull-out Cargo IQ.

The CargoIQ is ideal for delicate or irregularly shaped items like bottles, jars, boxes, and packets. It enables you to pull your items right out into view. Match it to your interior design with a choice of surface finishes and even reconfigure the interior for other uses like storing towels and baking trays.

On-bench pantry with a Wingline folding door opening

Full view wall units with folding sliding doors.

Opening and closing hinged cupboard doors can slow you down and restrict your view of your essential cooking items. Our WingLine range gives you folding sliding doors for wall units. See everything at once without impacting the surrounding space.

A tall pantry-stacker unit using AvanTech YOU drawers in anthracite and obsidian black Sensys hinges

Drawers built into tall units. 

Drawers don’t have to stop at waist height. Stacked drawers are ideal for maximising pantry space and keeping items fully visible and well organised. Meanwhile, sections can be pulled out separately for convenience and so you can easily fetch items from drawers above.

Designed by Yellowfox, this kitchen has multi-use pull-out drawers underneath the stovetop

Multi-use pull-outs close to stove top.

With Hettich’s smooth drawer runners, pull-outs with two-sided access will work perfectly for storing frequently used foods near your stove. So, you can quickly grab ingredients on the spot. A similar pull-out near your stove but below the work surface is ideal for storing small appliances exactly where you’re most likely to use them.

AvanTech YOU pantry drawer with custom marble inlay and interior organisation

Stow loose or packaged food items securely.

There’s nothing more frustrating than food packaging spilling their contents or not being able to quickly locate something you need. Hettich’s customisable organiser systems solve this problem by keeping items in their designated homes.

Pots and Pans

Moving onto the big stuff – which is arguably the area where we need the most functional space!

Pots and Pans can always cause issues with storage, however our products are a great solution to overcoming this issue. Save time and enjoy your cooking experiences with a storage system that makes your work easy and saves space!

An AvanTech YOU drawer on Actro YOU runners stacked full of heavy kitchen items.

Deep drawers on heavy-duty runners. 

Now, you don’t have to be selective about what you use drawers for. Even your tallest and heaviest pot will fit right in and slide out effortlessly with a heavy-duty deep drawer system – so much easier than pulling it from a cupboard.

OrgaStore 830 organisation for pot and pans

Pan drawer with organiser elements.

Forget rummaging around in cluttered cupboards for the pot you need! Drawers with organisation can make perfect sense of your pots, pans, and lids as they stay in place and give you a clear view.

A shallow drawer underneath a stove top, and a heavy duty pot and pan drawer underneath.

Shallow under the oven drawer. 

No space is unusable with our compact drawer systems. Slim items like baking sheets and trays can be conveniently stored and pulled out from under your oven.

Intelligent Kitchen design is universal. It is a great starting point for ensuring you will enjoy living in your kitchen if you can’t quite imagine the finished product. Come back to this series at any time you are starting a project!

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