Outdoor Cabinetry Hardware

Be Climate Ready

Hettich’s outdoor range is here, the ultimate combination for climate resistant hardware. For everywhere and anywhere. Our products are made from high-quality materials and feature advanced German engineering to ensure they can handle the outdoors without missing out on the comforts of storage organisation and soft-closing functionality.

Choose this range if your outdoor living is in environments with fluctuating temperatures and high moisture/humid conditions. Commonly used for outdoor kitchens, coastal homes, gyms/saunas, caravans and tiny homes.
dark grey alfresco outdoor kitchen by Freeform Laminates Christchurch

Imagery credit Freeform Laminates and Stone Christchurch

The range includes:

Veosys Stainless Steel Hinge
InnoTech Atira Drawer
Quadro Compact Runner

the stainless steel hinge

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InnoTech Atira drawer
with the Quadro Compact runner