The AvanTech YOU drawer is a design conscious homeowner’s dream.

It is a sleek and modern thin-walled drawer with completely invisible screws and fixtures. With design focused innovations, including DesignCapes and Design Profiles, AvanTech YOU offers the broadest choice of colours and materials for your drawers. Choose AvanTech YOU when you want a highly impactful interior design right down to the tiniest details.

Upgrade with lighting. Award-winning luxury inlay or profile designs are available now.

Why you need AvanTech YOU

High Performing
Comfort and luxury thanks to quality German engineering. Find out how much stress you can put a drawer under and retain functionality. 

Interior Storage
Versatile options for your organisation needs. Whether you are creating a specialised spice, cutlery, or pot-and-pan drawer, explore your options.

Design Capes
These interchangeable drawer cloaks mean you can colour your external drawer sides any colour you want. They are the perfect feature for New Zealand’s world-leading bespoke build culture. 

Design Profiles
They are a polished accent on your drawer sides that give you the opportunity to tie together the entire room design. These clever strips clip into the top of your drawer side and serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose, completing the seamless design.

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Truly a drawer made for comfort and design

AvanTech YOU Drawer Awards received
Hettich UK team with Designerati award for AvanTech YOU Light Tower pantry with lighting

AvanTech You LightTower
Design Technology Product of the Year

Awarded at London’s Wemblet Stadium with over 400 manufacturers, designers and architects present. Our United Kingdom team were awarded Gold winners of Design Technology Product of the Year (2023) for the AvanTech YOU LightTower. Our AvanTech YOU drawer pantry towers with lighting throughout has captured the design credibility from Designerati and made our team very proud. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to Designerati for recognising this.

The seamlessness of the AvanTech YOU drawer is part of what makes it such a unique option for your living space.

No other drawer on the New Zealand market hides the screws and fixtures for smooth drawer sides – never catch anything on your drawer sides again. 

Quality Assurance

• A corrosion test
• A wear test
ensuring a certain number of open and closures at maximum weight
• A retention-on-opening test,
a rough opening a certain number of times
• A horizontal load test
testing the drawers capacity to take a knock from the side without permanent damage when opened all the way
• A vertical strain test,
a drawers capacity to take a knock from above or below without permanent damage when opened all the way.

When selecting a high end drawer, you should be able to identify information on each of these points to make a clear comparison and identify the drawer that works for your space.

AvanTech YOU with heavy and mid duty drawer runners

Weight Bearing

Though this is a basic technical function typically left up to the kitchen installer, it is worth checking in on. If you are putting too heavy a load in a drawer not built for it, it is inevitable it will wear out earlier than expected.

AvanTech YOU offers 4 different weight bearing options
10kg, 30kg, 40kg or 70kg

Opening and Closing Function

There a number of technical elements that enable the opening and closing functionality, but the key thing is ease of access in conjunction with the design. The opening and closing function that you choose enables:

• Soft close
a slow closure at the end to ensure the drawer contents don’t move around. Hettich calls its soft close functionality ‘Silent system’

• Handle less drawer design
where you open the drawer by pressing on it causing it to pop open. Hettich refers to this as ‘Push to open’.

• Synchronised opening 
of extra wide handle less drawers, so if you push one side, the whole drawer opens evenly

• You can also have soft close and handleless drawer opening combined, which Hettich refers to as ‘Push to open Silent‘.

Where handleless drawers are concerned, the higher quality the mechanism the better it is for little hands, elderly and anybody whose ease of handling is limited.

Design Capes Accent Colours

Aluminium Look
Stainless Steel Look
Oak Look
Hammerblow Copper Look
Concrete Look
Custom Coloured DesignCape

Design Profile Accent Colours

Stainless Steel

Design Profile Matched Colours

Silver *

*Available by special order only

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