Inspired by the aesthetic of Manhattan, a much faster-paced island on the other side of the world, this design has brought the owner’s dreams to life. The modest size but open plan nature of this apartment meant the design was crucial, but the owners also didn’t want to sacrifice any of the functionality a full-sized kitchen would offer.

The open plan area forced this kitchen space to have a lot of focus on functionality, whilst drawing heavily on design and allowing certain areas within this kitchen to speak for themselves. The space was an inspiration turned into a reality and is a prime example of maximising design within an open plan apartment kitchen.

Designer: Peta Davy, Yellowfox in collaboration with Cube Dentro

Concept: How to maximise design and functionality within an open plan apartment space

Result: Effective space utilisation and design creativity combined have produced an area that is not only modern and sleek, but provides a functional cooking and eating area at the same time.

This award-winning kitchen is situated on Waiheke Island and the customer wanted to replicate a New York loft-like appearance. Ironically enough, both Manhattan and Waiheke are islands, which meant added considerations around budget, transportation and time. This build is a great demonstration of how functionality and design can work together in a smaller open plan area.

Hettich ArciTech Champagne drawers are extremely complimentary to the dark and elegant tones used elsewhere in the kitchen. When opened, the champagne colour works as a perfect match in this space and the soft closing function adds that additional luxury to support the Manhattan styling.

This kitchen not only offers a rich visual element, but successfully creates a great deal of storage within a limited space. When having a kitchen of this style, storage utilisation for your pots, pans and utensils is key and Hettich’s interior options are always a great solution to this. You can see the width and depth of many of the drawers in the space, making ArciTech drawers a fantastic selection with a load bearing capacity up to 70kg.  However, large kitchen drawers have the capacity for disarray, calling for some good interior organisation for useability. Ample storage space and effective interior organisation is key to living with ease in a home, especially in a relatively small space like an apartment.

Hettich internal drawers fitted with interior organisation are a prime example of functionality and design. While the external panel appears as one large piece for more visual impact, the internal drawer offers a second layer of kitchen storage space, which should always be considered within an apartment kitchen.

Like in most apartment kitchens, everything is on display once you enter the room, which means design solutions have to be cohesive across the entire space. Choosing the right finish was instrumental to achieving a seamless aesthetic throughout this design. With the wood grain carefully selected for every panel, the result is welcoming, modern and timeless.

One of the hardest working features to offset the limited space is a beautiful antique mirror. Acting as a splashback, the mirror provides an artwork of its own. It also tricks the eye, suggesting a much larger space. Using features like such are a smart way to bolster your space and visually create a larger area.

Creating a New York inspired loft in limited square footage has proven a catalyst for great design, resulting in a full and luxurious kitchen in this Waiheke apartment.

Image showing open ArciTech drawers including cutlery and plate interior organisation

Other featured products

  • Cabinetry  Prime Art Sawn Veneer, Planked rustic, with Mirotone2001 Earth Conco coating, clear polyurethane finish
  • Benchtops Cosentino Deckton Trillium
  • Splashback Bronze mirror, by Image Glass, and an antique mirror
  • Taps Nivito Rhythm, from Paterson
  • Cooktop Bosch 4 Zone Induction
  • Refrigeration Bosch, fully integrated
  • Wine Fridge Classique
  • Floors Timber, existing
  • Kitchen Sink Burns and Ferrall Granite Quadra
  • Oven Bosch Pyro oven with Combi Steam Assist
  • Ventilation Bosch power pack
  • Dishwasher Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer
Angled kitchen image of Waiheke Island kitchen by Yellowfox

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