Step into a Monochrome Kitchen | Christchurch

Designer: Mal Corboy
Concept: Create a kitchen with X factor that connected strongly with the overall interior design
Result: A striking monochrome kitchen that balances the demands for storage, entertaining space and aesthetics

Creating a kitchen with X-factor is a task frequently given to international award-winning interior designer, Mal Corboy. The owners of the home are a couple who have worked with Mal on other projects, showing their utmost trust in his work. A monochrome kitchen is a stunning addition to any home, and using a standout color like grey can create a space that is both understated and bold. This space is a compelling argument for engaging an Interior Designer for your next renovation project.

When it comes to designing a monochrome kitchen, the color choice is key, as showcased in this example by Mal Corboy’s. By using shades of grey throughout the kitchen, the space is transformed into a modern and sophisticated area.

One of the main benefits of a monochrome kitchen is that it creates a cohesive and unified look. By keeping the color scheme simple, it can be easier to keep the kitchen clean and organized. But its important to consider the different shades and textures of the chosen color. Mixing and matching different shades of grey and a variety of materials can create depth and interest in the space. For example, the use of Florim Porcelain for this kitchen island adds a unique texture to the space.

What can be learnt for your next kitchen renovation?

1. Use color to create visual interest

In a monochrome kitchen, using color to create visual interest can change the way you experience the space. For example, using a darker shade of grey on the lower cabinets and a darker shade on the upper cabinets can create a sense of depth

2. Choose cabinets with built-in storage features

When selecting cabinets for a monochrome kitchen, consider options with built-in storage features. For example, cabinets with pull-out drawers or shelves can make it easier to access items stored in the back of the cabinet. Adding pull-out trash cans or recycling bins can also help keep the kitchen organized and tidy.

3. Utilize vertical space

Installing open shelves or cabinets that extend to the ceiling can provide additional storage space for items that are used less frequently.

4. Consider a kitchen island

In Mal Corboy’s kitchen, the kitchen island doubles as both additional storage and your space for entertaining. Let the host and guests connect at all stages of the evening by bringing a spacious gathering area into the heart of the kitchen.

A monochrome kitchen can be a stunning addition to any home. By choosing a standout color like grey and paying attention to the details, the kitchen can become a true statement piece. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, a monochrome kitchen can also provide practical storage benefits. By using color to create visual interest, choosing cabinets with built-in storage features, utilizing vertical space, and considering a kitchen island, a monochrome kitchen can maximize storage while creating a cohesive and unified look.

Like what you see? Here’s the products used:

Hettich Avantech YOU drawers in anthracite
Hettich Senys soft close hinges
Lacquered doors in Resene Foundry
Island Benchtop is Florim Porcelain in Marble Grey Matte
Floor and wall tiles are Porcelanosa
Image Colour Glass is Resene in Nero