As the year ends, let’s reflect on the trends that were so 2022. Our German team explored the European trends at EuroCucina, a major kitchen trade show in Fiera Milano, Italy that showcases the latest trends from talented designers and builders. Were there any that you were influenced by this year?


An all black kitchen has become continually popular amongst Kiwi homes and European styles show this quite well.


There’s been a major resurgence of curved and irregular shaped decor, especially with the trendy ‘Danish Pastel’ style among the Gen Z. Signs of it entering into furniture like kitchen benches and even cabinetry. A bespoke maneuver for the builder but we imagine it will be very niche and customised option only.


As an accent or tone, warmth is in and strangely, red is having a moment. It is a colour that you normally wouldn’t often see used around the home. It’s bright, alarming and normally a deterrent. Nonetheless, designers are showing a liking towards the lesser used primary colour and we find it quite fresh on the eyes. It is unlikely to be the regular shade but a deeper, muted tone that will work well with black, white or dark wooden elements.


Clean, handle-less cabinetry will create the perfect minimal look. Add on intelligent storage like push-to-open mechanisms for smarter ways to live, a nudge from the hips to open your drawers is great, when your hands are full. It really does show who knows the home when you can seamlessly move between minimally designed spaces.


A hygienic, affordable and versatile look, this is no longer a commercial or beach home exclusive style. With the increasing health and safety concerns, and perhaps a rise in practicality being just as important as design, stainless steel is making its way into residential homes.

Interested in these trends? Here at Hettich we have something for everyone.
Make it Black – With interior storage options in anthracite for a complete black kitchen look.
Round or Irregular – A soft-closing door will be ideal for these out of the ordinary doors, try our Sensys hinges.
Warm Tones and Accents – We love the warm red and orange look, would be great on a Slideline M system.
Minimalism – Add Easys push-to-open mechanics to your door or drawers.
Stainless Steel – Veosys, our new stainless steel hinge, how perfect is that?

Imagery supplied from Hettich HQ.