Our team had the opportunity to visit EuroCucina 2024, Europe’s premier kitchen trade show, where they discovered the latest in design magic. Now, we’re thrilled to share the top trends and design ideas that are transforming kitchens this year.

Curated display with open shelves & closed storage

The trend of combining open shelving and closed cabinets offers both a cozy, lived-in feel for displaying decor and a sleek, organised solution for maintaining a clutter-free space. It balances warmth with efficiency, while breaking up monotony in your interior design.

The full entertainment experience outdoors

Transform your outdoor space with a fully functional kitchen that lets you cook, prep, serve, and entertain with confidence. Craft your ultimate outdoor oasis using high-quality products for year-round fun and relaxation!

Float Above the Ordinary with Cantilevered Kitchen Benches

Elevate your kitchen with gravity-defying cantilevered benches, perfect for maximising space and functionality. This trend highlights the exceptional craftsmanship demanded by high-end kitchen projects. Tuck some chairs underneath to create a cozy hangout spot or a trendy breakfast bar right in your kitchen!

Textures and Patterns to define your space

Adding texture and patterns to your kitchen design is essential for turning a bland space into something special. These elements blend seamlessly to bring depth, style, and your own unique flair to your kitchen.

Setting the Mood – Intentional Lighting Design

Lighting is a simple feature that can alter atmospheres and enhance functionality in any room. Sleek LED lighting inside joinery or to highlight architectural features is a hot trend bringing new life to contemporary design.

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