Four rotations of the FurnSpin by Hettich. A rotating cabinet that goes from fully enclosed to open shelving.

Introducing the revolutionary FurnSpin by Hettich. An exclusive look into the ‘Best of the Best’ at 2023 Interzum.

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FurnSpin synchronises two different forms of movement: swivel action as well as rotation through 180 degrees. Benefiting from perfected kinematics, Furnspin is balanced so carefully that even very light objects don’t fall over, but stay firmly in place. And with absolutely no doors or corners extending from the cabinet, it opens up space in an all new way.

Compatible with Cadro (limitations apply) and familiar user friendly functions such as soft closing or push-to-open, creating handle less design that’s easy on the eyes.

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In the office

In the kitchen

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In the living room

In the bathroom